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Can politicians solve our probs if they don’t look like us? US:70% women & people of color. Congress: 71% white men.
US cities are diverse; leaders aren’t. Mayors are 80% male; 11 major cities have zero women in office.
Bipartisan problem: GOP pols are 97% white/76% male. Dems are 79% white/65% male. That’s not the face of America.


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Research Projects since 2014

Who Leads Us?

Who Leads Us? was a first-of-its kind analysis of the race and gender of 42,000 elected officials from the federal to county level—showing that white men hold 4 times as much power as the rest of the population.


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Justice For All?

Justice for All? analyzed the 2,400 elected prosecutors nationwide and revealed that 95% are white and 79% are men, shining a light on the structural bias of the criminal justice system.


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Who Runs in America?

Who Runs (in) America? analyzed the race and gender of candidates, finding that women and people of color are not only excluded from elected office, they’re excluded from our ballots.


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In the News

Despite Diverse Demographics, Most Politicians Are Still White Men

U.S. News & World Report / October 24, 2017
By Alexa Lardieri
A new study released Tuesday by the Reflective Democracy Campaign on the demographics of elected officials in the United States found white men hold a majority of positions at all levels of government.

Study: Despite changing demographics, the political playing field still tilts toward white men

The Washington Post / October 24, 2017
By Vanessa Williams
Women who were inspired by Hillary Clinton’s historic presidential bid or furious that she lost to President Trump are running for office in larger numbers in the run-up to the 2018 midterm elections. But most of them face formidable odds because of long-standing practices and attitudes that are more favorable to men, a new study finds.

12 Absolutely Essential Things You Should Know About Running For Office

Cosmopolitan / October 10, 2017
“Breaking into your local political network is a key part of the process,” says Brenda Choresi Carter, director of The Reflective Democracy Campaign, which tracks the demographics of political power. Meet local political brokers by attending meetings on key issues in your town, or volunteer for someone else’s campaign. If you demonstrate that you’re effective, your party will be more likely to back you.

What’s wrong with too many white men in one place?

CNN / May 27, 2017
President Donald Trump helped the nation reach a rare moment of racial reconciliation, but hardly anyone noticed. It was sparked by a recent White House photo op, when Trump gathered with Republican leaders to celebrate the House passing a bill to repeal and replace Obamacare. The event looked like the board meeting of an all-white-male golf club. Photos from the ceremony showed a phalanx of middle-aged white men heartily congratulating one another, with no woman or person of color in sight.
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