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A Historic Shift

Are white men more “electable?” The short answer is no. Our groundbreaking report shows women of all races and men of color adding seats in Congress and state legislatures, while white male lawmakers are actually declining.

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Reflective Democracy Campaign: A Turning Point for America.

Defying traditional gatekeepers, women and people of color have been running for office from coast to coast - breathing new life into American politics. Now, we're at a turning point for our country. Check out to learn more.

Posted by Reflective Democracy Campaign on Monday, October 1, 2018

A Turning Point

Our research and analysis anticipated today's rollercoaster politics: the consolidation of entrenched white male power via the election of Donald Trump, and the unprecedented rise of women and people of color in subsequent races from coast to coast. Will the rising momentum of reflective candidates translate into a democracy that truly represents America?

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Use our interactive tool to learn where your state stands. Are women of all races and men of color fairly represented among your state's elected officials?

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The Campaign's mission is to forge a democracy whose leaders reflect the life experiences and diverse backgrounds of all the American people.

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Our Research

Our groundbreaking research analyzes the glaring race and gender imbalances - and recent countertrends - among our elected leaders and candidates.

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Our Funding and Activism

We fund and spearhead innovative efforts to achieve a democracy where women and people of color hold a fair share of power, and all Americans are represented in government.

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