Text says Kamala Harris leads a multitude. Chart showing increasing of women of color representation across major branches of government.

Washington, DC, November 7, 2020 — Following the historic election of Kamala Harris as Vice President, Reflective Democracy Campaign Director Brenda Choresi Carter released the following statement:

“In the largest exercise in democracy in American history, voters have elected not only their first female Vice President, but also the first Vice President who is a person of color. Kamala Harris’ historic role on the ticket cannot be overlooked. Our own research has shown that women of color win their elections at higher rates than any other group—directly countering the persistent myth that white men are the most “electable” candidates.This is consistent with our voter opinion research, which has found that voters across the political spectrum want to see more women and people of color in elected office.

The Biden-Harris ticket won more votes than any Presidential ticket in history, won by a wide margin, and reshaped the electoral map. Kamala Harris is not only a historic “first;” she is representative of a broader truth: the American people are hungry for elected leaders who share their life experiences and perspectives; and when given a chance to vote for them, they will.”